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God is Ahuramazda who created this earth, who created happiness for man, who made Darius king, the one king of many kings, the one commander of many commanders, I am Darius the great king, the king of kings, the king of countries, having many kinds of human beings, the king in this great earth far and wide,the son of Hystaspes, an achaemenian.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's really interesting to see how some people try to get revenge from you about what has happened to them while you had nothing to do with it!!! as long as they have power over you,they do whatever one can imagine to make others believe that hey I'm higher..hey,you are nobody....
unfortunately this semester,we faced a typical example of such a person...she was our critic professor...she was young and was experiencing her first time of university teaching!!!! believe it or not,we became her puppets,a laboratory to examine what is good and what is not..this course was really important to all of us,as literature is above all being able to criticize what you read!!!! anyway, time passed and exam time arrived!!! it was our second exam,we all were very stressful..I myself was dying...the exam was at 10...we were all in the class waiting for this lady to come, starring at the door,listening to footsteps..nothing,nothing,nothing...she wasn't coming!!! the stress was that much that all the time I was shouting at 12,our dear " RESPONSIBLE" staff came and asked us to sit in the class again for the exam...I was angry to death,because I'd already lost my tour-leader final exam after waiting for it so long!!! we weren't in good positions..we all were wrecked we refused,we asked them to rearrange another day and time for the exam...and the funny thing!!! the funny thing was that we were sentenced in this event,that all has happened is because of us,but we couldn't see any relation and this made us become soooooo angry,kinda mad!!!!
anyway,after a long time,nearly 4 hours shouting,crying and even begging,they changed the day!!! it was our last exam,and we all did study very much..the book was extremely hard,but we said nothing and studied it...the questions were truly weird,very uncountably hard..but we again answered..I knew I had passed it..I was sure about it...BUT today I can say that as far as I know 10 students,including me, have been failed, and the others are all 10,11,or 12!!!!
It can be a record in the university!!! we all are shocked and angry to death..that how can a person be this much selfish and bad mannered,acting like this even as a professor in the university...besides,we see how the staff are all on her side,trying to hammer all of us!!!this is how it always been,students in the university are considered nothing but as sheep!!!
now dear Mrs. Marrandi, I'm asking you..WHY? what have we done? why aren't you on our side,trying to help us..make us calm???? I myself never ever imagined myself failing any know me, you know all of us...we all are trust in you nor the are you gonna make it? hammering us more?..or..............

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

sometimes we face things in life, that you find yourself so weak in bearing all that though it may seem to be very small for others...nearly a month ago i broke up with my boy friend whom I really was very painful,couldn't really believe that!!! I can really say this, I didn't sleep nor eat in this month!!! I've lost nearly 7 kilogramms, and a little of my confidence...
I found myself very weak in a hard situation... so many whys were flying in my head, and there was no answer..I was mad at God for treating me ,who loves him sooooo much ,this much bad!!
I was near to lose all my faith and hope for living...couldn't understand why a person must be this important for me,when I even know he has no feelings and emotions for me... I felt broken inside, like nothing is left for me...I used to be very proud,not paying attention to any boy...don't really know what happened that I accepted him as my boyfriend,and what happened that I fell in love with him... my friends really couldn't believe it!!!
I wanted to prove myself somethings,that I I'm afraid to take any step,in any way!!!
it's very bad to find your self this weak!!! I can claim easily that I'm a very successful girl, studying my favorite major,working,playing violin,being a tour guide!!! everything is ok except this weird feelings inside,that is hurting me so much!!!
I dont love him anymore like I used to..but still sometimes I miss him so badly!!! am not sure if it's normal or not,but am sure of one thing,am gonna be won't wait for me,I must run after it...I just don't get people sometimes,their selfishness,and loveless hearts!!!
they are not bad people but they do others bad without knowing!!!
now, the only thing I really need is a quiet place,in the middle of nature..with myslef and God!!! I'm really tired of people,their strange acts that I really don't get,their differences which they think they are sure about them while they are not,or they think they are better again while they are not!!! when will they stop this stupidity, I really don't know!!!
I'm always smiling at life,its beauty,and unpredictable things in it..but sometimes this smiling is very hard...its beauty fades away many times,and only remains in your heart and mind, people whom are always hopeless,tired and depress have lost that image in their heart and mind...I don't wanna be one of I'll try my best to recover this damaged feelings..I'll try to be me again...mehrnaz will be back soon :P

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hello everyone!!! can't believe that I'm back again!! well there was a little problem with entering,things were mixed,passwords didn't work, and well all these were truly walking on my nerves :P but anyway,now here I am, with alot of new posts, so many words to say,feel like am exploding :D so hope to see you all here again..
so for now...goodbye to you all..

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Babak bayat,Iranian film composer, passed away 2 days ago,but he's still alive and he dances in his music..God bless him..
Salute to you sir! salute! You kept us alive for manynights and days. Your music was one major aspiration of playing piano for me. Still whenever I take the time to sit and touch the keyboard, the flow of your chords are sensible in my hands. I remember how much we talked with my other friends about your magical skill of writing unique and memorable melodies. And a few months ago, when I was searching in the pile of cassettes and CDs in musicstore of Tehran, I suddenly found one great collection that I wanted for years: A collection of film music by Babak Bayat.
For many of us, it started with "khoroos zari, piranpari". The songs and whole story line was unique and certainly shaped many of the metaphorical concepts in my mind. And then, you came with "Soltaan o shabaan".That magical mixture of sadness and joyful and dreamy music. That music became the sound track of my life for a while.
Then, We listened "Sokoot Sarshaar az naagoftehaast"with the warm voice of the great Shamlou. Your typical small string orchestra with strong hits of the cello and the rain drops of the piano of Andrea Arezoomanian. That music, that poetry and that voice:How to put that joy in words?!
We the young travelers of an unstable land, took all our hopes and dreams and our ideals to the dark rooms of cinemas. We sat there, laughed and cried and learned about love and life. Iranian cinema became our window to our ideals and dreams. And your beautiful music massaged our joy of that silver screen: Shayad Vaghti Digar, Aroos, Noghte Zaf, Kashti Anjelika,Pardeh Akhar, Mosaferaan.... Then there was "Piroozidar Chicago", when for the first time we heard the magical sound of "Saxophone" on the streets of Tehran.We walked home, humming your music after a memorable night of our life with a hope that our country might get closer to our utopia. It was certainly a nice dream.
Salute to you sir. Salute to you and a few others who kept that dream live for us. Be Dorood.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

women pride!!!!

Words can't describe how we feel, so we let you feel our feelings yourself!!!!!

women pride 1
women pride 2

Monday, August 14, 2006

Today I was checking my mails, that I saw a strange name among the mails,which I've never seen before..I usually don't open such mails, but today I'm happy I did..
The mail was named : When bad things happen!!! and well as recently some very very bad things have happened to me like an incredible high telephone bill, and my grand ma' s heart operation,etc, so I just clicked on it...the text was so nice and it made me feel so calm and relax..I just knew them all but this mail was like a bell ringing and waking me up..I just saw that I was again forgetting something really big and that is GOD!!!! I always say that GOD is always in my mind and with me, but when bad things happen I just usually say : Oh GOD I need to talk you!!! what in heaven's name I've done to you that you are doin' this to me!!!!?????
But this mail helped me again see my position, and see the positive side..It's a really simple text but for me it was a waking call..hope you enjoy reading it..

when bad things happen!!!

August 8, 2006

When Bad Things Happen by

John Fischer

When bad things happen to good people we can be assured that this is God, out to make good people better.There are so many things in life that make us cry, “Why?” “Why me?” “Why now?” I don’t think we are capable of knowing all the answers to these questions. Our lives fit into a vast and complicated tapestry that only God could unravel, because he’s the one making it. There are things that happen in our lives that are tied in an intricate domino effect to something else happening somewhere else that we may never realize in this life. I’ve heard of enough bizarre connections to know this is happening a lot more than we realize. Chalk it up to God’s amazing creativity as he weaves his will into the events of the world.
Someone gets sick, goes to the hospital, and ends up leading the person in the next bed to the Lord. Not only this, but huge growth issues were established in both of their lives when this happened, and this started a chain of events still going on today. And we want to ask “Why?” I have a feeling God might say, “You don’t have time for that answer. Besides, you haven’t lived long enough to see the end of it. Sorry, but I could never explain it all to you. You just have to trust me.”
Our job is to look at what happens in our lives and learn from what God is trying to teach us. There are no mistakes here. God doesn’t go, “Whoops!” or to the angels: “OK, what went wrong here? Which one of you guys had Fischer this time?”
Here’s the truth of the matter: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28 NLT) Which is another way of saying that God’s purpose is in everything that you and I go through, whether we are able to see it or not. And that purpose is producing something good in and through our lives, no matter what happens. Do you believe that?
We all have things in our lives in which it is hard – almost impossible – to see God’s purpose. That doesn’t mean anything except that we are shortsighted and short on faith sometimes. That’s when we need to keep on believing and knowing that God is working things out for the best.
What about you? Is something bad happening to you right now? Think back on a time when you felt like this about something that you now see God had a purpose in, and believe that he is at work, doing the same redemptive act with what you can’t see right now and believe. Don’t stop believing.

so please all you dear friends that read this article, tell me if you feel the same way I did or it's something not that big or whatever..I can't wait to read your comments!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I was chatting with this very good friend of mine from England, that he sent me this nice picture..It really did make me say WOW!!!!! so without wasting the time, I just decided to share that with you all..hope you enjoy seeing it as I did..